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"the quality or state of being at the peak of existence"

Acressity is a web app designed to encourage you to write down your bucketlist and share it with others. Focus on—or feature—one of the items on this bucketlist (each called an "experience"), and track your progress with written narratives, photos, and possible requests for monetary donations from benefactors of your experiences.

The most direct means of knowing yourself and the universe is through experience. This website is built to facilitate experiencing those things on your bucketlist. Let this app be the canvas upon which you—the explorer—paint your journey. You will draw power from bringing these experiences into a more tangible place. Network with others by sharing your experience with them or creating a joint experience where each explorer involved can make their own contributions.

Use this application as a tool for hoisting yourself towards your goals, transcending your comfort zone in favor of experiencing life in the way you've always desired. Let it be the map upon which you chart your adventure, the platform from which you announce your intentions to the rest of the world, the photo album where you record images of your experiences, and the paper upon which you compose your narratives which immortilize your experiences. Use it as a private journal or as a public forum—sharing your experiences with the rest of the world so they may experience vicariously through you. It is for those who wish to experience the world and feel drawn to a home for the persistence of their memories--the digital simulacrum of their consciousness.

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Philosophy of Website

This application aims to encourage a fulfillment of the yearnings for exploration within everyone. It assumes that simply writing down the experiences that one wishes to pursue and providing a canvas for the expression of the experience provides tremendous potential for the formation of personal drive, and then aims to facilitate following through on those experiences.

It's assumed that most everyone gains tremendously from experiencing new activities, places, foods, environments, fears, ways of thinking, ad infinitum. These experiences seem to exist just beyond our comfort zones, and this website aims to facilitate the uncomfortable—but rewarding—venture into the unknown. There is an emphasis placed on the growth that comes from the experience and the expression of the journey. It encourages you to express the experiences upon which you envision yourself following through in your personal journey.

One's life journey can be compared to the symbolic act of ascending a mountain's peak within an expansive range of mountains. During moments of existential reflection, we conjure a peak representing the realization of our yearnings, dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Setting off on the trail of which direction is determined by this peak, we soon find ourselves enveloped in the particular details of the immediate trail.

Often, we stray off the path toward more immediate goals. While this meandering adds to the variety of life and provides the potential for the redefinition of which mountain to ultimately ascend, it can also lead to stagnation within the comfortable valleys or the life-robbing entrapment within marshes or swamps. At times like these, it is important to have the ability to reach out of the mires and grab ahold of something substantial to again find oneself upon a fruitful trail.

See for yourself the power that comes from the simple act of bringing into the physical world a thought of experiencing something you've always wanted to do. Be it a simple willingness to try something new, an action that deviates from the norm, the wish to extend your current comfort zone, the yearning to quell a former fear by exposing yourself to the source of the fear, or any number of reasons, this website works to facilitate this inherently human willingness to know the world through exploration and exposing oneself to new experiences.

Being presented with the choice between comfort and risk, it is those who are willing to endeavor, explore, and be adventurous who truly experience what it means to be alive and therein cross into the extraordinary.


A bucketlist for the exploration of new experiences

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"When you can't adjust the direction of the wind - adjust your sails"
H. Jackson Brown, Jr