Example Journey

Meet Bug "Bugsy" Buster

Bugsy is a dummy-example explorer profile used in the development of this website. When he is not assisting in the building of this site, he dreams big: rainforests and the North Pole being other aspirations for exploration. Having always dreamed of having these experiences, good ol' Bugsy decided to take the first step by composing a list of them on Acressity.

The Journey Page

Bugsy's journey page—his homepage—lists all the experiences he wishes to fulfill. Others can see the list of experiences Bugsy has made public. He's currently featuring the experience Develop this Website, meaning he is focusing on achieving this experience at the present moment. Others will see this featured experience when seeing his profile listed anywhere on the site. When logged in, he has a little panel about himself on the right (the panel is called the "explorer dash") which provides quick access to some features. If Bugsy wishes to keep any experience private, he can easily do so.

Each experience he creates or participates in (there can be multiple explorers to any one experience) will show up on his journey page, each with their own "experience dash". Of course, private experiences will not show up for those lacking permission. Currently, Bugsy can develop these experiences by writing narratives posts, uploading images, inviting/networking with other explorers, creating a brief (short bio), and establishing means of accepting monetary benefaction from others.

Your Turn

Now let's talk about you. Like everyone else on this planet, you have high aspirations. These aspirations, like a muffled voice in the distance encouraging you to explore and experience life, guide you towards potential fulfillment. Yet these calls are too easily forgotten or surrendered for any number of reasons. Acressity aims to keep this tarnishing from becoming inhibition. It encourages you to pursue your dreams, to have you be set ablaze for the rest of the world to behold, to rage against the dying of the light, to rise and stand up for your beliefs. It exists to help you overcome the obstacles keeping you from fulfilling the experiences on your bucketlist.

To depart on your own journey towards fulfillment, compose a list of experiences you wish to have. Notice how simply writing them down makes them somehow more real. You can seek monetary benefaction to fund your expeditions to experience this universe. Draw from this newly created power to charge yourself to following through on realizing these desires of the heart. Use Acressity to hoist yourself beyond your comfort zone into the realm of growth and fulfillment.

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"Dream big and dare to fail."
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