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Andrew "Explorer" Gaines

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After Long Hiatus

My last whittling was over 2 years ago and a few moves back -- each time faithfully packing along the partially whittled log and catching some funny looks from friends helping my move and from the gf. Each time with me knowing I'll get back around to...

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5 months, 1 week ago

By Andrew Gaines

Bug "Bugsy" Buster

Bug Buster's brief

I bust bugs like an explorer busts through former human limits.

I am the test profile created for Acressity to chisel out the nitty gritty details of proper web functionality (mainly between two explorers--or users). I don't have much usefulness on the production server, but get used a fair amount during development.

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Develop this Website

Building it to help others

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Share Your Dreams

Following a great discussion with former strangers about dreams and overlapping experience, the thought occurred to me that the center of Acressity should perhaps be the concept of sharing your dreams. Everything follows from that moment and it impli...

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2 years ago

By Andrew Gaines

Troy "Frantic" Studeny

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Jim "Jimbo" Gaines

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On the way

Well, I played Derek again. This time, he played without his queen. I won, in 29 moves!!!!!

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5 years, 10 months ago

By Jim Gaines

Hannah "Lush Trees and Mandolins" Allen

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Derek "DextrousDigits" Gaines

Susannah "Firecracker" Gaines

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Hello this is the th

Hello this is the third time I've written this... I just realized both other times I forgot to hit submit before leavening the page... That shows you how smart I am. :) I decided that I wanted to bike across the US after my second oldest brother, And...

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5 years, 8 months ago

By Susannah Gaines

Erica "Hummingbird" Osborn

Sam "neurosam" Ritter

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Ian Gaines

Joe OBrien

Bob Reynolds

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Bicycle Across the USA

Early Planning, but Hopefully Optomistic

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Getting Through Phoenix

When my friend and I discussed our route, it appears that Phoenix will be the largest city we would bike through. I assumed that it would be the most dangerous part of the trip, so I have been researching the best routes through the city. It turns ou...

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4 years, 12 months ago

By Bob Reynolds

Alec Gaines

Maureen Gaines

William Nilsson

jimi hendrix

Alberto Garcia

Jacob Doar

Kes Allen

Kyle Trundler

Garysson Black

Tom McKinley

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Gabe Newell

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Vishwa Dharmasena

Michael Lieberman

Sam Martin

Michael Cousins

Travis Manning

Alexander Kamburudis

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brandon cambpell

Jonny Twotone

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Iain McConnell

zee zair

Ben Stambaugh

Yanoch Yenold


Timothy M.

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Sam Ritter

Zacharie Noel

Edward Barton

Noah Lane

Anthony Jones

Kelley Neumann

Ben "Doritito" Dahlstedt

Andrew "Swaggermuffin" Dahlstedt

Cemil "jamel" Sultanli

Mike "eclipse" Seiler

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"You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens."
Mandy Hale