Term built from the Latin work essentia, meaning essence, being, or existence; acr-, the Greek prefix for on top of, at the peak; and the suffix -ity, meaning the state or quality of. An English interpretation being the quality or state of being at the peak of existence.


The term given to describe each logged user of the website. Each explorer has a unique trailname.


The nickname given to each explorer of this website, inspired by the tradition common with Appalachian Trail hikers. Explorers are encouraged to create a trailname that describes an aspect of their journey at the moment.


The profile associated with the explorer. It is the main activity center from where the experiences are accessed. Think of this as a book unique to each person with chapters continually being added and edited.


The term signifying a single venture, goal, wish, exploration, (ad infinitum) that an explorer has expressed as being willing of attaining. Think of these as the titles of chapters within a book about your journey.


Term describing description of an aspect of an experience. Think of these as pages or sections within a chapter; they are the sustenance of the experience. Examples of narratives include an update, thought, plan, itinerary, journal entry, publication, ad infinitum...


An invitation sent out by the creator of an experience for another explorer to join. If accepted, allows the newly added explorer to upload photos, edit aspects of the experience, and create new narratives.


A personal 'About Me' section for each explorer.


Written description of an experience or explorer. Comparable to an 'about' section, 'introduction', or a 'blurb' before a chapter in a book.

Bulletin Board

The message center for each explorer.
  • Notes regarding experiences and narratives
  • Invitations to experiences from other explorers
  • Information regarding other explorers cheering for the explorer


Represents a relationship one explorer has subscribed to regarding another.


A bucketlist for the exploration of new experiences

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"When you can't adjust the direction of the wind - adjust your sails"
H. Jackson Brown, Jr