Hello this is the th

July 24, 2013

Hello this is the third time I've written this... I just realized both other times I forgot to hit submit before leavening the page... That shows you how smart I am. :) I decided that I wanted to bike across the US after my second oldest brother, Andrew Gaines, did it two years ago when I was going into 6th grade. I decided then that I wanted to bike across it when my age was still in the 'teens. I only really got really serious about the trip after I went on a small bike ride with my dad for Father's Day. During that trip I talked with my dad and somewhere along there got really determined to do it. That night I talked with my parents about it. The next day I worked 3 hours and made a sum of $23. I got a sum of $51 in the next three days. The next 5 days I spent working my butt of at the most intense basketball camp ever, Hoop Mountain. I got $9 there from my parents because I didn't spend all the money put into the canteen. The day and a half I had before leaving for vacation after getting back from camp I spent doing nothing but relaxing and watching shows on my ipod. I had been so tired after camp that I had slept to 11:20 before waking up the night that I got back... That's not like me to sleep that late. I left July 13 to some awesome place in nh. I got back yesterday and tried to get work from my parents today but they said it is a day of rest. Today I came up with a bunch of crafts that I can do to get money. Tomorrow I plan on doing lots of work and making some things. I just recently put the money I made into my bank acount for safe keeping. I have been really busy with an orchestra camp this past week that lasted from 9-3 every day. During that week I managed to get 6 and 1/2 hours of work done. I would be working right now but my parents won't allow it because it is Sunday. My parents signed me up for a ref thing that will teach me how to ref a soccer game. This will be a great way for me to make money because during the season I can get like $25 per game... SWEET!!

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