January 04, 2016

Had to walk around the neighborhood to get to the right side of this fence
Decided to just chuck it over the fence and struggle over it myself rather than walk all the way back--despite the nice sun and feeling of creativity abounding within
Never seen one like this--really were quite beautiful. Very lethargic from the near-freezing temperatures.

January 4, 2016

I got a fairly strong impulse to begin this project yesterday. I walked around outside and soon came across a log which seemed suitable as a starting point for a first whittling project. Pulling the log from the bed of leaves in which it had been slumbering for quite some time, I felt guilty about removing the many accompanying bugs from their chosen place of hibernation. I covered the dislodged critters in layers of leaves to hopefully give them a semblance of their chosen comfort and went inside to get some water.

I began washing the log off (at this point already being a bit disturbed by the amount of rotting in the log) and began feeling that the chosen piece of lumber might be rather unsuitable for good work. It's still outside today, will decide what to do with it in the coming days. Sure would love having an art project to whittle away on periodically. Began looking at some information regarding the art yesterday.

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