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This one looked good from afar. Turned out to be way too big to be carried in my small backpack on my bike.
Just off the path, found what I think might be a shelter built be one who was homeless. Looked lived-in and there were other shelters constructed of different materials nearby with worn paths between them. Sleeping bags, clothing, blankets.
Winner. The better looking of the two

January 10, 2016

I decided to ditch the log featured in the last narrative. Turns out that just a little bit of thinking made it clear to me that whittling a mostly-rotten log would be undesirable. Guess I just got a little overtaken by the former excitement.

Anyway, a couple days ago, I set about riding along the Boulder Creek trail with my eyes peeled for potentially improved wood for whittling. Found some potential candidates which turned out to be too large, too wet, too unruly, or too rotten. Kinda neat how this little expedition got me to explore part of the path just off the trail. Saw some things and scenes I hadn't before taken note of despite riding past probably a hundred times.

~30 minutes of perusing finally yielded what I hoped would be a fine specimen from afar. Up close checking only added to the confidence. Thinking that I'll aim for creating a face. Gonna start right now.

from experience Whittle Something

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