After Long Hiatus

October 14, 2018

My last whittling was over 2 years ago and a few moves back -- each time faithfully packing along the partially whittled log and catching some funny looks from friends helping my move and from the gf. Each time with me knowing I'll get back around to continuing the project. Today was that day.

After the last session ended with a broken blade and a bleeding finger, I healed up and bought a new knife after some time. Unfortunately, after I'd forgotten about having it in my backpack before a flight, the TSA thought the blade was capable of being used for more than just whittling and confiscated the knife. I finally bought a new one more recently and was able to use it for its intended purpose today.

I made a good bit of progress, deepening the cheeks and other features, leaving more space for the nose to be raised above the face. I think I'm already realizing I've made a few mistakes along the way, but that's the fun of process! I'm already having to study some pictures of faces and the project is making me realize I've been pretty mistaken about some assumptions about facial features -- a neat effect of a study art piece. After developing a blister and feeling some slight cramping in my hand, I stopped for the day, but not before feeling a good bit of accomplishment and seeing the face start to take shape.

Delighted, I noticed the facial recognition feature of my phone's camera recognized it as a face already.

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