Rough Start

May 28, 2019

So far I've been having a bit of trouble getting into the habit, often remembering the morning meditation but forgetting about the evening one entirely or remembering it too late to stay awake during the session. The idea is to have the morning routine be a good start to each day and the second one being a wind-down from the day and a transition into my own time after work.

I haven't been back to work since starting this bucketlist experience, not quite sure how the morning routine will work out. Ideally, I'll create the extra 22 minutes by going to sleep and waking up that much earlier. But knowing myself, this will be a bit difficult -- part of the challenge and the unintended side effects of changing up one thing.

Here's to resetting the 30 day counter to 0.

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"It always seems impossible until it's done."
Nelson Mandela